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MakeMKV beta for OS X

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Has anyone here tried the MakeMKV beta for OS X? Booting into Windows in order to run AnyDVD HD never appealed to me, and as a result I haven't picked up a blu-ray drive yet, but this app just might move me forward:


Nascent thread about it here:


If you do succeed with the beta, please post which Mac and which model blu-ray drive you used...
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There are several posts in that forum thread you posted that list BR drives, enclosures, and Macs that work. It appears that any BD-ROM drive that also burns DVDs will work. Seems to be a nice solution for transcoding Blu-ray discs to MKV containers which can then be encoded to H.264 with Handbrake on OS X.
I've tried it with LA Confidential and Cars and everything worked like a champ. I am using an LG combo drive that is also a bluray burner. Doesn't work with any of my HDDVDs though.
I wasn't able use my 360 HD-DVD drive under OSX or Windows to rip the only movie I happen to have on hand (King Kong). Under OSX, a RW drive is required by MakeMKV.
Hmmmm, funny thing I just ran into this program a couple of weeks ago and have been using it since to rip to my macmini. I have ripped about ten movies (from my collection. for backup) so far with no hitch seems to work great. I have plenty of storage space right now so I have just been leaving them raw with DTS track and they seem to average in the low 20 gigs. I plan on leaving them that way in hopes that bdr's will come down in the near future and I can burn them to the media in native format.

I am also using and LG multi burner I have put in external case so I can move back in forth between my pc's and mac.
I've been using it. It works great for making mkv's of DVDs using my MBP's internal superdrive. I tried it with a bluray or two in an external drive, but no luck so far. I'm also having trouble with AnyDVD HD on that external drive though...

I also have been able to play these mkv files without any problems in PLEX.

Originally Posted by Russ Younger /forum/post/16903617

I also have been able to play these mkv files without any problems in PLEX.

Do you mean that you've been ripping them straight to your hard drive using makemkv and storing them uncompressed and they play without issue in PLEX? If so, that's great news! How long, on average, does it take to rip a full-length disc?
Yes......thats the way it has been for me. And it takes me about 45 minutes for a rip play's in plex just fine no problems. Like I said before I am using a macmini 1.83 upgraded to 2 gig mem and 500 gig internal hard drive and 1 tb external hard drive. I have put an LG GGW-H20L drive in a Bytecc ME-535XU external enclosure. So far working great.

Originally Posted by timgrady /forum/post/16903026

I've been using it. It works great for making mkv's of DVDs using my MBP's internal superdrive.

It's fantastic for regular DVD's.

Originally Posted by dbfreq /forum/post/16904429

Do you mean that you've been ripping them straight to your hard drive using makemkv and storing them uncompressed and they play without issue in PLEX? If so, that's great news! How long, on average, does it take to rip a full-length disc?

It takes about 40 minutes or so. The only deal is that I believe BD+ discs are a no no. I tried to rip Kill Bill 1&2 yesterday with no success, but Close Encounters worked fine. This program is great when the discs are compatible. Anyway the program downrezes the DTS and Dolby TrueHD tracks into DD and DTS core tracks so they play fine in PLEX. It sure is handy not having to boot up the PC side.
I have been using MakeMKV to rip movies from DVDs, and it works really great. It is nice to have a FAST way to move a DVD movie to the hard-drive. 15-30 mins? I have transfered some 40 movies and they all seem to be working great. (This is just dvd's. have not tried blue ray, don't have a drive yet) Really nice program.

Originally Posted by stillbreathing /forum/post/16913909

BTW this looks to be a nice $110 BlueRay Drive - http://store.fastmac.com/product_inf...roducts_id=406

It is, but as a side note, to use MakeMKV under OSX you need to have a BD burner. It's part of the security restrictions inherent in OSX that creates this requirement. When you try to use a read only drive, that's the error and explanation that MakeMKV reports. I don't know if the ability of this drive to burn DVD's removes the restriction of having a BD burner or not.

Well... it looks like this drive should work just fine with MakeMKV

"On Mac OS X access depends only on the drive type. If the drive is a read-only device that can't write to any media ( either CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or BD-ROM) then access is blocked. The rationale is that direct access is dangerous and application may request drive to perform any action, like eject the disc (one really can't erase a disc in a read-only device). However, if the drive is capable of writing any media (for example Blu-ray reader that can write CD and DVD media) then all access is allowed to any user. This policy is beyond our comprehension - our only explanation is that weed is really easily available to designers in Cupertino, CA. Practically that means that if you have any drive that is read-only device, then it will not be accessible to MakeMKV. Luckily most modern drives usually are combo drives that can write at least CD media - these drives are accessible to MakeMKV. Even if the drive is not accessible there is a way to enable access to all drives - that requires changes to the system plist file and rebooting the system. Please see our forum for details. "


As an additional note, whatever plist file that can be edited has not been documented as of yet.
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It is my understanding that as long as the drive writes in any format the one shown does write dvd that Leopard should set the permissions correctly and it should work.
Well, I got a OWC external BD/DVD/CD R/RW (contains an LG GGW-H20L) and downloaded MakeMKV & Plex. The external drive has eSATA/FW800/FW400/USB 2.0 interfaces. I first tried the eSATA interface through a Syba SD-EXPC34-1S2 JMB Chipset 1x e-SATA Ports, 34mm, Up to 3.0Gb/s ExpressCard in my MacBookPro 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. The drive showed up in makemkv, and I started to open the MiB BD, and my MBP froze. Happened twice. Then tried FW800, but Makemkv would not recognize that the drive was connected. Then tried FW400, worked like a champ, so I went back to the FW800 and then could access the drive.

I ripped (FW800) MiB BD and For All Mankind BD to my MBP's HD. Fired up Plex and both rips played flawlessly (no HD audio though
). I then transferred the rips to my Mac mini (1st gen Intel Core Duo upgraded to 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo), fired up Plex, and the rips looked great (compared to the BDs) on a 52" Sony XBR5 (I had to bump up the mini's fan speed to 4500 RPM, and the CPU temps were still around 60°C

From now on I'll do all rips on the mini and store them on HDs in my G4 Quicksilver.

I do miss the high-rez audio, though.

I'd sure like to be able to record the main feature in
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I gave this a shot last night with a spare BD-ROM/CD-writer I had lying around and fully expected to be completely underwhelmed. I'm eating crow today-- this is an incredible development on the Mac front! I hated having to open up an XP instance in Parallels and use AnyDVD and Ripbot264 to convert my discs to mkv, but this is much, much faster and requires little to no user involvement. I would gladly pay a premium to get this out of beta at this point.
My BD rips are taking about 1.3-hours, whether I use FW800 or FW400. MakeMKV indicates 2.3x read times, so I'm not sure why a 2-hour BD would take 1.3-hours (give-or-take)...

Still, the PQ is great from my mini. Glad chefklc posted this!
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Any reason this drive wouldn't work? I think it would probably be one of the cheapest and best solutions for those of us w/ mac pros...
No reason why not if you mainly want to rip--that Pioneer drive, and the LG GGC-H20L, seem to be good bets--BD-ROM with regular dvd burning capability. I've seen them both recently for $109 shipped.

The LG GGW-H20L was just $139 at newegg, that model can burn, rather than just read, blu-ray discs. I bet a lot of Mac users bought this drive in the past few days...
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