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Can some kind soul, walk me (us) through the steps to make a Demo DVD to show off your HT ??

I know most use DVD Shrink, but beyond that I'm scratching my head...

I would also like to have a brief title slide to introduce each clip.... e.g.

"This my Hour!''.. then the Gandalf - Witchking scene from the extended ROTK...

Can someone step us noobs through this process, please ??

Thanks !!

-- Cain

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I cannot help you with your problem, but I think you should also see the " What is the best 5 minutes to show when showing off your Home Theater?"-thread in this subforum.

There are links for downloading 3 already made demo's.

I think you can best view the last pages, because it's a long thread.

Good luck.

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This is what I had in mind, for other newbs out there.... If anyone has any other tips, please add them here.


How to make a Demo/Compilation DVD:

- Open DVDShrink

- Open Disc (analysing begins)

- Go to Re-Author mode

- Drag Title 1 to 'DVD Structure' pane

- Edit the clip using start/end frame features

- Unclick all audio options except AC3 5.1-ch English

- Burn finished clip to HDD

- Repeat steps above for all clips desired (including multiple dvds)

- Begin process of combining all clips for compilation

- In Re-Author mode, open files from HDD and drag previously saved clips (Titles) into new 'DVD Structure' pane

- Continue to do this and arrange sequence for all clips desired

- Burn finalized sequence to HDD

- Open TMPEG DVD Author (TSUNAMI MPEG DVD AUTHOR) (Trial Version Downloadable Here: http://www.tmpg-inc.com/download/tsda.html#trial )

- Select 'Source Setup'

- Click 'Add DVD Video' and search for saved file of compilation saved on HDD

- Once selected, 'Add DVD-Video Wizard' popup appears that contain all the Titles from my previously saved compilation

- Select the first Title and click 'Next

- 'Reading Chapter Information' box is check and click 'OK'

- 'Add Clip' popup appears ----

- Repeat last three steps for remaining Titles

- Once all Titles have been input, click Output

- Once finalized, the saved output file now has ONE Title track for all content

- Use desired burning software to create DVD (ie. Nero)

Note: You can do all this with only DVD Shrink, but you will get little pauses between the clips on playback with most DVD players.


I'm also learning how to put a Still Image in between my Clips...

1) Pick a Title that lasts 5-10 seconds like the Studio Logo....

2) Make a .png that is 720x576 (or you can make it widescreen).

3) To Replace Title with Still Image:

- Choose "Still Image" as the compression setting for the title.

- Click "Browse".

- Locate the image.

- Highlight the image by clicking on it.

- Click "Open" or press "Return" on your keyboard.

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