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Hi guys i have been successfully making avchd DVD's for a while with premier pro CS3 for a while now, but i have been trying to do the same with tmpgenc4 but the AVCHD from tmpgenc4 just displays a black screen when played on my bluray player ( disks from CS3 work fine ). This has me puzzled as i'm quite positive i have all the settings the same. The only difference in the outputted file is the CS3 can output a raw *.H264 file and TMpgenc4 outputs a *.MP4 file ( wich is fine as i can demux it and obtain the raw *.H264 file from the MP4 container ). Evan when i demux the mp4 and get the raw h264 stream the resulting avchd file made form the file is a blank screen.. the reason behind this is that i have recently got a firecoder blu card and have been using the spurs hardware acceleration when encoding the files with TMpgenc4 wich encodes the video much much faster...

Here is my export settings with premier pro CS3

Here is my export settings with TMpgenc4

can you guys see where i am going wrong with tmpgenc4 ???

have included two small files ( from tmpgenc4 ) that i cant get to work on an avchd disk (specs are the same as the CS3 version only these files won't work when i use the same method of making an AVCHD disk as i do with the CS3 files). Can you guy please download each and see if you can get them to work for you in making an AVCHD disk.

I demuxed the raw *.h264 stream from the *.mp4 file and it can be downloaded here :

http://www.mediafire.com/file/dlkynoizzja/video.h264 (saving via right click is *not* avaliable must be downloaded from the webpage)

Here is the audio. Dolby digital *.ac3

http://www.mediafire.com/file/xghyhzumzmm/audio.ac3 (saving via right click is *not* avaliable must be downloaded from the webpage)

Hope to hear back from you guys soon.

Regards Marty.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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