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So there is some process in MC which normally takes several keystrokes, and you'd like to shorten it to a single button-press on your remote control. For example, you would like to have a single-button toggle for turning closed captioning on or off. How do you do it?

Seriously, how do you do it? And really, the example is exactly what I'm trying to solve: a closed-captioning toggle. Yes, I know: CTRL+U is the keyboard shortcut for accessing the MC closed captioning dialogue. But the best-case situation is that it takes three keyboard keystrokes to do it (CTRL+U to pull up CC dialogue box, Enter to select the default of "off," and Esc to immediately clear out of the dialogue window), as opposed to a single remote-control key.

Ok, somebody will inevitably feel the need to know why, or explain that a few keystrokes is still not so bad, or some such thing. Without going into a long explanation, just know that there are very good reasons that I need this to be done:

1) With a remote control *only*...

2) With a single keystroke which takes me from having captioning on (full time) to "off" (but still allows for captioning while muted).

Now remember, there is a challenge here: The MC keyboard shortcut, CTRL+U, defaults to the "Off" choice. This means that any macro has to get around that by being clever, or the current state of the TV captioning mode needs to be remembered by the remote control (or some intermediate macro software). Note that "smart" remotes such as the Logitech Harmony remote controls do remember the state of various functions. However, I don't think those remotes are flexible enough to allow this much control in programming them (perhaps I'm wrong, but I have a couple, and have tried to find that kind of programmability on their configuration tool, with no luck). I *am* willing to hear about different remote controls which might be needed in order to get from here-to-there, if needed.
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