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Making VCD's from Videotape?

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I have some stuff I recorded with our video camera and would like to get it on a CD so I can play it in the DVD player. I have the IOMagic PVR card if that helps. Otherwise, I don't have a clue as to what software I may need. Any help appreciated...

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Try www.vcdhelper.com

They have tutorials on video capture and encoding for VCD creation.

the best information is on sites like www.vcdhelp.com. To get AVS members perspective on this you might want to do a search on VCD or SVCD here. There is a pretty recent thread about this. SVCD is higher quality recording but will fit less video onto one CDR. Most recently made DVD players play VCD, and I think SVCD, but I am not sure.

I believe that Power VCR has settings to record in standard VCD and SVCD formats. From there you would need EZ CD Creator or a program like that which can author SVCD/VCD discs.

good luck with this. I will be hopefully trying to see how many CDs it takes to record VHS movies in decent format here shortly. As well as a project to take a special family video and distribute it on VCD.
Just set PoerVCR2 to the VCD profile (NTSC orPAL, whatever TV system you're on), and record via composite or S-video in!

The resulting .mpg file can be burned to a CD with VCD Creator, part of EZ CD Creator 4.x or 5.x from Adaptec (now Roxio).

Since 5.x is out now, try to get EZCD 4.x for less than $30 or $20 from someone who has upgraded to 5.x. All you need is the 4.x version for one step VCD burning. Just select the .mpg file recorded from PowerVCR2 within VCD Creator, and burn.

They play perfectly in my Pioneer DV302D DVD changer.

www.vcdhelp.com (.org?) has a table showing VCD compatibility with DVD STB players, as well as tutorials on VCD/SVCD creation.
I prefer to use EZ Creator for my burning but Nero includes a SVCD option where EZ CD Creator only can create VCDs.

Another good site on creating VCDs is:


Just check out the Forums there.
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