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man on fire

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i'm not a big denzil washington fan, but i have to give two thumbs up to this movie. very good story line where you feel what the characters are feeling. denzil also opens up a huge can of whoop @ss on the bad guys.

check it out.
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I agree 100%. I'm not a denzel fan in the least but this was a very good film.
Acting was terrific, but I felt it was over-directed. The story is powerful, the cast is incredible, the setting is just right... yet the director inserts a digital timer in a crucial scene to count down an act of revenge. For some reason that took me right out of the moment and reminded me this is just digital media on a disc, in my player, in my den. I felt this is one of those movies that should be filmed rather conservatively -- no special effects, tricky edits or excessive slow motion, just let the story and actors do the work.

Just my opinion. Still liked the film, though, but thought it could've been better.
Ditto here. Denzel is always playing a "martyr" part and in this role, he had plenty of warts and demons to encounter. He did splendidly and I was more than pleasantly surprised; a good flick!
Agree, good flick. I'd like it better then the original, which i saw after Denzel's version. Much more gritty and tooth and nail type revenge.
Good Movie, for those with Hd it will be on Saturday on HBO at 8 pm Est
Well, I'm a Denzel fan and I'm tempted to get the upcoming 2 disc version but I'll probably keep what I have.

I got my "Man On Fire" from Best Buy with the extra 15 min behind the scenes disc.
This is one I didn't buy the first issue because I am waiting for the 2-disc release. I definitely think Denzel is one of our better actors and he seems to usually make good choices in roles. I would still be buying it blind if not for the upcoming HBO telecast. Look forward to seeing it. Thanks for the tip!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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