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After watching Ramin Bahrani's outstanding film " Chop Shop " ( my AVS review posted here ) I was compelled to watch " Man Push Cart " which I found to be as equally entertaining! Yet another great film from an outstanding writer/director. Both of these films are about real life and if you don't like a film that doesn't follow the typical "Hollywood Happy Ending" then neither of Bahrani's movie are for you.

I was drawn into to this film from the very first frame until the very last and I'm looking forward to seeing more of Bahrani's work.

Neither of these films are for everyone, if you need explosions and SFX to keep your interest then steer clear because you won't find any of that in either.

Highly Recommended!

Synopsis: Every night while the city sleeps, Ahmad, a Pakistani immigrant, struggles to drag his heavy cart along the streets of New York to his corner in Midtown Manhattan. And every morning, from inside his cart he sells coffee and donuts to a city he cannot call his own. He is the worker found on every street corner in every city. He is a man who wonders if he will ever escape his fate. Written by Anonymous

IMDB User Rating: 6.9/10 (563 votes)

RT T-Meter Critics - 87%, Top Critics - 93%, RT Community - 76%

RT Consensus: This compassionate portrait of a New York City street vendor is as beautiful as it is melancholy.
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