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Manual AccuScreen vs. Manual Elite

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Has anyone compared these two brands? Which is more prone to wrinkles? Which is the best choice for a Mitsubishi HC1500?

Here are the two I am looking at:
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Not to hijack your thread.... I'm shopping for a screen for the same projector in a light controlled room, but looking for a 100" screen. I was looking at the Elite screens as well considering i work at Circuit city and can get a decent discount on them(i hope... our discount on most A/V stuff blows).
I bought the Accuscreen because it was cheaper, and has a 12" masking at the top. I will post feedback when it arrives.
Yep, I like it. I forgot all about this thread. The screen is awesome. I purchased the 120" model, and teamed it with a Mits HC1500. I already have 500 hrs on the lamp
. I believe there is a pic in my gallery.

My dad is in town for the holidays, and he hasn't left the theater. He says he will be building one as soon as he gets back to Houston.
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I just bought a projector from a forum member and now I need a screen. Since I live in Nashville and 12 minutes from the Wilsonart distributor...
i got the manual elite 100" from amazon for $78 shipped and am very happy with it! it's been about 3 months and i see faint wrinkles towards the bottom but you can barely see them with the lights on and proj off; with the proj on you cant see it at all.
I bought the accuscreen grey material 106" screen to use with a Mits. hc6500. The screen material came in a bag, literally bunched into it. When I removed it from the bag, the screen material had noticeable wrinkles. The build quality of the fixedframe was average to below average. The frame bowed in on the top and bottom. And the packaging was horrible. That said, it was extremely easy to assemble and install, and the picture was amazing. the wrinkles were not noticeable with the projector on and I would forget about the frame after the movie started. The Whites and colors were extremely bright while the blacks and greys were pitch perfect. I still remember the starfield scenes from Star Wars and how clear outer space looked with perfectly focused, bright white stars littering a pitch black outer space.

The build quality and wrinkled screen continued to bother me so I searched for alternatives and that is when I found the Elite 106" cinegray EZ screen. I bought it and assembled it. It was packaged impeccably. The fixedframe is a heavy duty aluminum that requires screws, but feels rock solid and sturdy and the screen is tightly tensioned on it. It was much harder to assemble, but worth it. The dilemma is that the picture is not as mindblowing as the accuscreen. The Elite is about $40 more than the accuscreen, and a much higher build quality, but it doesnt get either as black or as white as the Accuscreen.

In the end I stayed with the Elite, because it is a more sturdy and attractive addition to my home theater. I wanted something that looks good with the lights on and off, and the picture quality is still upper class, but I will miss the high contrast of the accuscreen. The Elite is the better product.
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