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manual DVD graph, or multiple DVD s/w?

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How do I create a manual DVD graph in Zoom Player? I haven't been able to find a simple explanation of how to do it.


Currently, my HTPC has the Mediamatics DVDexpress s/w that came with my Dazzle DVC-II (a PCI-based MPEG2 recorder) -- I've been using a stand-alone DVD player to watch movies. Recently, I got a Radeon 8500 with the HDTV adapter running at 1280x720(p) on my 16:9 widescreen, so now I want to play DVDs in HD! The problem is that ZP 2.9 doesn't work with/recognize my DVDexpress filters. The Mediamatics s/w seems to playback in HD fine (but it has an ugly clunky interface).

Would it be easier to just install the ATI DVD s/w? My concern is that doing so may "break" the Dazzle s/w. I could re-install the DVDexpress *after* installing the ATI DVD but, then, would that break ZP being able to use the ATI?

I know the filtergraphs are a sophisticated and complicated beast, but I still wish ZP was able to simplify it more...
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If you're only using one set of filters, it's easiest to use the Registered Filter Manager to set the merit value of your Mediamatics filters higher than the others. Then they will always load first by default and you don't have to fool with manual filtergraphs at all.

thanks, guys! I was able to find a Mediamatics graph in the 2nd link and get it to work in ZP (kinda).

Joe, where do I find the Registered Filter Manager?

The problem here that sometimes when using automatic mode, directshow throws other filters into the mix automatically (like audio filters, vobsub, etc...) which can cause DVD Graphs to fail.

Sadly, the mediamatics filters are not real directshow filters, but wrappers around the mediamatics decoders as such I can't really add them to the graphless interface.


Options / Manual Filters
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