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To steal an idea from kvigor:

Originally posted by kvigor:

btw, Replay guys: make a car-radio replay equivalent, please. I am now irritated whenever I realize that I can't pause or rewind radio broadcasts in my car. I literally reach for a pause button that isn't there before realizing that I'm still stuck in the year 2000...

How difficult would it be to extend Replay to radio?

using manual recording, you would just feed the audio from you A/V receiver into Line 1 on the Replay -- you would have to manually set the receiver to the correct station and set the time for the broadcast; but would the present unit allow recording to be done with audio -sans- video?

even better would be to have IR blaster control of the receiver, and an area channel listing/program guide for the radio stations in your area -- do such programming lists exist? Even something you manually set up to pre-set radio staions would work -- like the buttons on your car radio...

Then you'd be able to record NPR's morning shows, Howard Stern, your favorite sports-talk shows, whatever...

Maybe an idea for ReplayTV 5.0?

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