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A lot of manufacturers got out of the plasma business. Sony hasn't made a plasma in more years than I can count. Pioneer has been out a few years now. The only brands that I am aware of are:




Zenith (LG owned)


I don't know if you can sum an entire company into a "best of" like category. Most consider the Panasonic VT-25 to be the best 3D display available and it does a great job with 2D material. Arguably the best display available. I wouldn't say that their entire line is better than a similarly priced model from Samsung or LG.

If you can find a Pioneer you may still find it to be the best HDTV out. The VT-25 is catching up to it in black level performance, but most here would take a Pioneer over it if 3D wasn't an issue. A Pioneer may be almost impossible to find right now.

If you are going to purchase a Plasma, I would go through the threads for the models you are considering. Owners will tell it like it is most times and each brand does something better than the others. What that is depends on the viewer. Good luck.

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The latest Consumer Reports magazine puts the better LG plasmas on top, and I agree with them. Great picture with no widespread problems, at least with the PK950 series. Can't say the same for Panasonic or Samsung. Before you flame me, know that I wanted to buy a Panasonic at first.

Sorry, other brands that are long out of the plasma business don't count as a "manufacturer" anymore.....


Originally Posted by Vad1819 /forum/post/19573456

Does anyone know a manufactures rating for plasma TV in General?

Like I heard

1. Pioneer

2. Panasonic

3. LG

4. Samsung


Like top 10.

And How about Sony?

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