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Manufacturer's Reps Reporting Little Interest in Blu-ray, HD DVD
by Lee Distad

Last winter, I reported that installers and retailers weren't seeing much interest in Blu-ray and HD DVD, despite the hype surrounding both formats. But with the recent introduction of new dual-format players from LG, Samsung and HP, has anything changed at the dealer level?

In order to avoid the spin machines of Sony and Toshiba, I went to manufacturer's reps whose brands aren't involved with either format to find their opinions and those of their dealers.

Higher-end Brands, Content Missing

One rep for a major CE manufacturer, who wishes to remain anonymous, thinks that the lack of selection of media and hardware is holding back both formats. The absence of key higher-end brands doesn't help, he says.

"None of the big names are promoting either format," such as Denon, and Marantz, he argues. Onkyo is one of the few high-end brands that has taken a side, announcing an HD DVD player at CES.

George Berlinguette, principal of Classic Hi-Fi, a custom integrator in Edmonton, Alberta, has avoided promoting either format to his clients. "We haven't strongly promoted the product as we feel the pricing of the units and the software is still out of line," he says. "[Many] of the titles are not much better than watching regular DVDs on a good DVD player. This is due to poor transfers."

For more on manufacturer's reps and Blu-ray and HD DVD, check out
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