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Marantz 5013 loses sound at the same time each day

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Hi All, After a few years, I finally realized that this reciever drops sound at the same times each day for about 5 seconds. ALWAYS at 7:44PM (Mountain) and I think it does it every 2 hours. I don't usually watch TV at other times so can't be positive, but 7:44PM like clockwork. I'm using ARC to a Sony TV. I've sent it in for service (like 18 months ago) and they updated everything, checked it, etc but could not replicate the problem. (I didn't know at the time that it was at the same times each day). The other data point is that the optical output from the TV does NOT have the problem as I can hear the speaker sound drop but my headphones that use the optical play right thru. I'm of course out of warranty now so hoping for some solution from the experts on here. I tried to turn of updates thinking perhaps that's when it was dropping but not sure I did that correctly. Any ideas would be appreciated!

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I wonder it that is the time it check for updates, can you turn off the update feature and see if it still drops sound? The fact that it's a certain exact time each day seem like some sort of triggering event not a defect.
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About 20 years ago I had a finisher on a copier that would always start to jam at 3:00 according to the customer. A couple of other techs were there before me so the customer was not happy. Well at around 3:00 the sun would start to come in and light up the copier. They had wooden shutter shades on the inside and when I closed one all was better. Those old photo sensors were easily swamped with sunlight.
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