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Hello all,

I bought my Marantz 6005 in january 2011. Up untill now i had absolutley no problem. On receiver i have connected JBL 7.1 speakers. Since initial setup and connection of devices let's say for past 5 months i didnt change anything. Receiver is powered over UPS for power protection.

Now few days ago i started hearing very loud cracking noise from back left speaker. My wife and me were watching movie and when noise started we almost had a heart attack

I have checked all cables, every thing is fine and nicley tighten up. I have tryed to chenge speaker (to cross problem with speaker) so i switched central speaker with suround back speaker on speaker connector on marantz, now noise is coming from central speaker. So it is a surround back speaker connector on marantz for sure. This noise is there even if nothing is playing and it is total silence. All other speakers+sub will be quiet, except that surround back that will give me loud cracking sound.

I also tryed to shut off receiver from power for 12 hours and then turning it up, again same thing.

Any idea?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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