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Hi there - looking for some advice on which one of these AVRs best fit my need.

Have two zones in man cave, each with HDTV. Will have multiple video outputs at times (between cable TV, music videos, PS4). Will have blueray, 2 HDTVs, PS4, Apple TV, Sonos all as inputs). Have two towers that I power with an Emotiva XPA-2. And a 5-1 speaker setup, too. Primarily listen to tunes via Sonos - second option is play a lot of music videos thru iTunes. Majority of AVR use will be music/music videos, then TV/gaming and last is home theater.

It appears the specs of these three AVRs (and price point) are all similar so my questions are...

1) any limitations of HDMI switching for the 2+ HDMI outputs on these receivers that I should be aware of ... to throw sound/video in any combo across my two HDTVs?
2) which has the most user friendly iOS iPhone/iPad app?
3) any advantages linking to Sonos with any of these?

Should maybe add I have a big room - say 25ftx25ft

Thanks for any advice.
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