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Marantz 6400 or Pioneer 1014? which is better?

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I just had to exchange my Pioneer 1014 for another as it konked out on me last night. This is the third 1014 i have had home in 2 months. The first one went on me within an hour.

SO im a little concerned about the reliability issue on the Pioneer!!!!!

I went looking at new recievers and the only one that caught my ear and eye is the Marantz 6400. Its a little more money and has less features!!

Would it be considered an upgrade???????

Everyone {salesman} are telling me that the pioneer isnt a true high current amp and it sould make a huge improvement whatever i go to.

I was quite happy with the sound of the Pioneer BUT am worried with the 1 yr warranty.

SHOULD I GO MARANTZ??????????????????????????????????????????
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It seems you have problems with the 1014 b/c you are using 4 ohm speakers. I wouldn't say there are reliability issues with the 1014 when its recommended to drive 6-8 ohm speakers. I remember seeing some reports with people having success with the 1014 and 4 ohm speakers but I guess it depends on how much you drive them.
Actually i have 10ohm speakers!!!

the first time yes i had 4ohm speakers and it blew.

But now i have 10ohm speakers and now it was the processor chip that went on it
I have marantz and push 4ohm speakers, give it a shot. You already tried the pioneer 3 pioneers. You can find a 7400 online for around the same price as the 6400 retail.
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