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Marantz 7400 Or Denon 3805?

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I know a similar thread has been on this forum before, but It didn't seem to come to any sort of conclusion! I have the opportunity to buy both for exactly the same price.

It is my understanding the the Denon is a model above the Marantz and has some more advanced features, is that correct? In that case, perhaps the Denon would be better value?

*note that I don't have the opportunity to test out these receivers, and will instead follow the advice from these forums!
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Are you looking to do more music or movies? I would choose the Marantz for music and the denon for movies
Hi Edvard,

it will be used 90% for movies.
Probably the Denon then, you just get more features. I have the 7400, and compared it to the 3803 and there just wasn't a contest SQ wise.

The room correction and lip sync delay on the Denon would be beneficial for a home theater setup.
I Heard both and both are great machines for movies, advantage to the Denon, more power, more features.

In music the cheaper Marantz has the edge.

If you compare yhe similar priced next Marantz 8500 vs Denon 3805 I think I would go for the Marantz.... or even the 7500, better value...
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