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hi guys

not really much of an expert in this field so just thought i'd ask to be sure --

i'm looking for an amplifier to power a jamo d7 7.2 system - I was looking at the Marantz 8002 ..

The issue is the speakers on the d7 are all at impedance of 4 ohms , I looked everywhere on the net and I couldn't find a rating for the Marantz at 4ohm..

Someone once told me that the power at 4ohm is roughly double that of the rating at 8 ohm.. So according to that a rating of 8 ohm x 125 for the Marantz would mean 250 at 4 ohm?

Is this correct ? Any problems that may arise as a result of using this amplifier with this speaker set? Someone told me that running amps at lower ohms than rated at might damage some component?

Thanks for any help !
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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