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Bought a new AV 7701 PrePro last October to replace my Integra DTC 8.1 Pre Pro. Happy overall with the new unit until last week when it suddenly stopped passing video or audio on all the HDMI inputs and devices. Everything worked fine until suddenly the audio just intermittently works for 1 second intervals followed by one second silence and NO video. I tried microprocessor reset. Called Marantz technical support. They suggested just unplugging everything for a few hours and unplugging the HDMI cables at both ends then reassembling the whole thing. What ??? I don't understand how that would do anything - and I did try this and... same problem

They also suggested a Firmware update. My question is this : .Since I have no onscreen GUI I have had to use the buttons on the faceplate of the pre pro . I go to Setup > General> Firmware udate>check. It displays "'update available" but I don't know what to do next. This is easy when you have everything on a monitor screen. Hard to figure out with all the buttons and cursor on the front panel.

Anyone have some ideas ? I'm dead in the water right now . Can't use any sources except the FM tuner.
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