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AV7701 arrived on 4/5/2013. Fit and finish are great and setup was fast and easy.

I have never owned anything but separates and this was a long overdue replacement for a dying Adcom GTP880.

I am running a Carver TFM 75 driving a pair of Carver Silver Editions up front, 2 Carver TFM6C's driving JBL 2600's for sides and surrounds and another Carver TFM6C driving a Tannoy Mercury Custom FC center channel with 2 Sunfire True Subwoofer MKII.

Connection was easy and MOST importantly, once connected and turned on, utter silence, no hums, buzzes, or idle nose at all.

The enclosed owners manual CD loaded slowly and was difficult to navigate, it jumped several pages at a time rather than scrolling 1 page at a time so I downloaded one from the handy Marantz site and printed out all 190 pages. This is helped a great deal as the unit is very complex, offers a wide range of adjustments, and has some feature I was not familiar with. I read the sections I needed to use the Audyssey set up system and went to work. After 15 minutes the rig war ready to go. I must admit, the Audyssey system worked very well, only a minor tweak on the sub's was necessary. I did get several out of phase warnings, I checked all connections and they seemed correct so I ran further tests with some outboard test equipment and they confirmed Audyssey's findings. I did a lot of research and there is not much available in this price range, and nothing that comes close to this level of performance. I might not have dozens of extra inputs and wild surround schemes but it does all that it advertises to do and does it very well. I would give this unit an A rating.
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