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Marantz AV8801 vs Denon X-4000 using as a pre-amp only

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Hi guys i have a question what is the differences BTW Denon X-4000 vs Marantz AV8801 using as a pre/amp, i went with the Denon since both have audyssey XT32, in movies the sound quality would be the same i guess, but what about music, i heard marantz would be better with music, but the denon sounds amazing you think it's worth the price differences over the Denon?

thank you in advance.

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The 8801 supports 11.2 speaker channels. The X4000 supports having only 9.2 of them active at the same time, although all of them can be connected and calibrated individually. You have to decide which pair of surround speakers should be disabled while watching a particular movie.

The X4000 includes a few features that the older 8801 doesn't have. Most notable is the ability to send stereo PCM audio to its Zone 2 analog outputs. The 8801 requires analog connections for external device audio to go to Zone 2. It can't forward HDMI or S/PDIF input signals.
Thank you for the response, what about the sound quality, which one is better sounding processor in terms of treble, midranges dynamics etc, i heard that marantz used to be superior in music performance over Denon, that's true?

you think that Denon X-4000 is a better purchase over the marantz to use it as a pre/amp
They should sound equally good. Reasons for choosing the Marantz are more emotional than technical. If at all possible, you should listen to them yourself.

Sound quality is dominated by your speakers and your room's acoustics.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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