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Marantz AV8802A AV Pre-Amplifiers/Processor and ATI AT524NC 4 200 WPC Power Amp

I am posting these audio gear on behalf of a friend who is selling since he's relocating soon and he also wants to save up for even more speakers when the time is right.

Last year my wife and I were over his place to demo his D-Box chairs, but I instead was blown away by how nice the speakers sounded. I kept looking for where the subwoofers were hidden because I couldn’t believe that his setup had no subwoofers while I was still feeling good deep bass. My wife also liked them, they sounded great and were smaller speakers which can easily be tuck away out of sight if need be. She never complimented my personal speakers or said anything positive about my setup. :(

I have gotten theater gear from this guy before and he is very honest & informative seller...it was a pleasure doing business with him. :) I honestly recommend this audio equipment as they would be a great compliment any setup. They are in excellent condition, function perfectly and sound great, were set up in a smoking environment and will be repackaged for safe shipping if local pickup in South Florida is not available.

Preamp Receiver:
Marantz AV8802A $1,800

ATI AT524NC 4 200 WPC Power Amp $1,800 + Freight Shipping Cost

Dynaudio Focus 380 (2 pairs) [TAKEN OFF THE MARKET]
Dynaudio Focus 340(1 pair) [TAKEN OFF THE MARKET]
Dynaudio Focus 260 (1 pair) [TAKEN OFF THE MARKET]
Dynaudio Excite X-18 (2 pair) [TAKEN OFF THE MARKET]

The contour 380 one pair walnut, one pair rosewood, a few scratches, boxes for both.
The excite x18 walnut have boxes, screw holes in the bottom but excellent otherwise.
Contour 340 very good condition with no box.
C260 had one bad scratch and no box. But all SOUND great.
The amps don't have boxes so will require freight shipping.

These YouTube videos are what people said when they demo this audio setup:



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