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Marantz - Channel Settings for HT vs Audio

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I have a Marantz SR7000. If I use an SPL meter to adjust my individual speaker outputs via the channel settings; will I compromize the output of my mains when it comes to music?

My understanding is that this will be the best way to optimize for HT use but...I also listen to a great deal of music from CDs (via DVD player) as well as some radio stations. I want great HT performance but also want to optimize for music in both 2ch and 5ch modes.

The setup (below) already sounds great, but as a newbie, I'm all sorts of excited and trying to tweak the settings to the Nth degree. I can't stop! Is there a support group or something? ;-)

SR7000 rec

DV3100 DVD

B&W 603S2 mains

601S2 surr

CC6S2 center

ASW1000 sub


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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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