One of the most anticipated receivers of the year is the new Marantz CINEMA line. Bringing even more features to the table, the announcement of this year's model has stirred up a lot of excitement in the AV world, myself included.

This year, Marantz has produced a receiver that is just as appealing to look at as it is to listen to. This model's modern design is influenced by the Marantz 40n and 30 Hi-Fi amplifiers. The trademark Marantz porthole now houses a sophisticated OLED display, and the dimpled front side panels are a subtle, but attractive finishing touch. This home theater receiver has an excellent build quality to ensure a long lifespan. It also comes with sturdy speaker connectors as well as close-fitting HDMI connections.
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The elegance of this year's design extends not just to the receiver, but also to the remote. The lighted remote allows you to manage the receiver even in a dark theatrical environment. While it's not motion detecting, the button that activates it is on the side rather than at the top with the other buttons. All of the inputs are situated on the top of the remote, while the volume, channels, and navigation controls are located in the middle with three playback buttons and four selection buttons beneath them. The four sound options are available at the bottom.

The CINEMA 60 has seven built-in amp channels. You can use all seven channels in a Dolby Atmos or DTS:X 5.2.2 system. You may also utilize a 5.1-channel speaker setup in your main room and use the other two channels for music in a different room. Alternatively, for a robust front soundstage, you can utilize the surround speaker connections to bi-amp your front right and left speakers.

This home theater receiver drives 100 Watts per channel at 8 Ohms with 2 channels driven. However, it is backed by Marantz's 70% guarantee which means users can expect roughly 70 watts per channel when all channels are driven and makes this receiver powerful enough to drive most speakers. The CINEMA 60, like previous year's versions, can be set to preamp mode which now allows you to enable and disable channels rather than all or nothing, transforming it into a full processor for use with Marantz or third-party amplifiers.
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The Audyssey MultEQ XT multi-channel processing on the Marantz CINEMA 60 allows you to fine-tune your home theater speakers. A clock jitter reducer provides rich and detailed sound from your digital music files and streaming services. Unfortunately, this model will not support DIRAC Live but it will be available for the CINEMA 50 and above for a minimal cost via a firmware update. This function will be accessible in March 2023.

The device offers two subwoofer outs, and although it does have connections for two, they are connected together in parallel, so you cannot tune each sub independently. You will have to step up to the CINEMA 50 for that.

Marantz made certain that the CINEMA 60 is compatible with all cutting-edge visual technologies. The same 7 speaker terminals are found at the rear, all of which are active with the built-in amplifiers. To be exact, there are six inputs and two outputs. Three of the six HDMI ports are HDMI 2.1, with a total bandwidth of 40Gbps. The HDMI 2.1 chip in the CINEMA 60 has been improved, allowing up to 40Gbps of bandwidth in three of its HDMI ports, including all signals with a [email protected] setup. Depending on your settings, this receiver can also upscale HD signals to 4K or 8K. This receiver also supports multiple HDR formats such as Dolby Vision, HDR 10+, Dynamic HDR, and HLG.
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This receiver allows you to stream music from your phone or tablet via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Apple AirPlay 2. High-resolution files can also be played from a USB device or a networked computer. HEOS built-in technology allows you to access a wide range of materials such as online radio stations or popular subscription services like Pandora, Spotify, and TIDAL. If you're using Roon, the CINEMA 60 can also appear on your player list via Airplay.

Setting up the CINEMA 60 is surprisingly simple for a receiver with so many features. The newly redesigned HD onscreen user interface is a highly appreciated addition. You still get the same set of functionality as in the old UI with a couple of new enhancements but the biggest feature that stood out to me is that the resolution on the menus has been increased to 1080p and the graphics have been improved.

If you aren't satisfied with the onscreen interface, you can also use the Marantz app, which some may find to be a little more user-friendly. With the app, you can operate the receiver from your mobile device. It's a really useful program that's simple to use and has a clean user interface.

For my testing purposes, I’m pairing the CINEMA 60 with a couple of different speakers. I’m using the KEF Q750 and Klipsch 8000F speakers, which are on opposite ends of the spectrum. While the KEFs are a tad bit hungrier for power than the Klipsch, the receiver powers both of these with ease.
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Sound Quality and Performance
Music playing from this receiver sounds fantastic. While it isn't as excellent as a specialized preamp and processor, it more than holds its own. Every detail is authentically depicted, every instrument is recreated organically, and each element is precisely put in its space. There's a nice amount of dimension and separation, especially while listening to something like “Alter Ego” by Baas.

Watching a movie on the Marantz CINEMA 60 is truly an enjoyable experience. When configured in a 5.2.2, movies like “Top Gun” and “Fast Five” are rich throughout the midrange and bass. This is expected considering Marantz has a trademark warmth to its sound. While watching a Tarantino movie like “Inglourious Basterds”, the dialogue is crisp and clear with excellent articulation and a very lifelike tone to the voices.

While the KEFs are more power hungry than that of the Klipsch, the receiver doesn’t lack the power and it shows immediately in the opening scene of “The Martian”. The front soundstage comes to life during the storm with excellent handling of all elements. If you want an immersive movie experience, this AV receiver is one of the best options out there.

The CINEMA 60 passes my HDMI performance test with flying colors. Connected to my PlayStation 5, the receiver effectively transfers 4K/120 to my LG C2. Games like Ghost of Tsushima are thrilling and engaging with the Marantz in the system.

The Marantz CINEMA 60 receiver is fantastic. This receiver offers more than enough power for most users, compatibility with all commercially available sound formats, great sound output, and a long list of features that will satisfy even the most demanding users. If you like to have everything in one box and strive for the premium category, the Marantz CINEMA 60 is without a doubt one of the greatest options you can make, and I am delighted to call it the first AVS Top Choice of 2023.


- Build quality is exceptional- Premium pricing
- Plenty of power for most users- Audyssey MultEQ Editor app is not free to use
- Excellent connectivity- DIRAC is not available with the CINEMA 60
- Optimal quality and clarity are maintained at all listening levels

What is the Marantz 70% guarantee?

Marantz offers a 70% power guarantee, which means that when 5 channels are utilized simultaneously, at least 70% of the stereo power stated in the specification section will be available. By touting the maximum potential output power as a unique selling factor, receiver manufacturers tend to misconceive the power rating their receiver can produce.

Is Marantz an Audiophile Brand?
Most audiophiles are familiar with the Marantz brand. While there are now a lot of other brands, many believe them to be the first audiophile brand.

Are Denon and Marantz the same company?
Denki Onkyo and others merged to form the Denon brand in 1939. Denon was split off as a separate company in 2001, with Ripplewood Holdings owning 98% and Hitachi owning 2%. Denon and Marantz combined to establish D&M Holdings in 2002. On March 1, 2017, Sound United LLC completed the acquisition of D+M Holdings.