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Okay update, got the dv-7001 last Tuesday , awesome looking machine, Marantz build Qualty. and matches everything , very happy .

Now my ? is is anyone using this as a audio cd palyer ,using the analog 2-channel output only , ? Want to go to SACD soon..

I have this running to the marantz SR-7002 RECV. and its plays nice but on the Recv. I peak out with the Audio ,so I have to add attnuation to it so the peak level goes down , and them the sound gets reduced so much it does'nt sound good,

so I took off the Anaolg cables & went to Digital coax cable , Sounds great and no peak out ,

Now if I hook up the SACD ( 6 channels ) will I get the same peaking out?

Any info would be helpful...
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