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Hi all,


I have come here looking for some help as unfortunately to date the Marantz customer service has not been able to help me resolve this issue.


The problem is linked to the device trying to access spotify.


In all other aspects it seems to work correctly - streaming from Pc / airplay / phone. Internet radio works as expected and all inputs (USB / digital etc) work.


When I attempt to connect to spotify the connection appears to time out and the unit becomes stuck in a loop where it keeps trying to connect. It becomes unresponsive and the mobile app remote disconnects stating connection errors.


Spotify used to work. The firmware was updated and it stopped shortly afterwards.


The things I have done so far comprise of:


1) Contacted ISP to ensure their connection is configured to allow connection to spotify. The pc / android / apple products all connect to spotify using the same wifi network so hard to see how this could be the problem

2) Reset the device to factory settings - however following this if i check for firmware it states that no update is available (possibly indicating that it hasnt reverted to factory firmware?)

3) Tried wiring the unit to the router - same issue

4) set up my phone as a mobile hotspot, connected the device to this and tried spotify - same issue is reported by the unit that there is a connection error


I suppose what I am posting for is to find out whether anyone else has been in this situation, and if so - what did they do to fix it.


My next steps will be taking the unit to a friends and checking it using their connection to rule out the possibility of it being my connection.


Any help / ideas are appreciated.


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