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Hi All,


I am new to this forum and fairly new to the world of fine audio...


I have recently purchased a new system; a Marantz MCR510 and Q Acoustics 2020i. I decided to purchase this over the Marantz PM6005 and the Audioengine A5+ which I put a lot of days of thought into.


I thought I made the right choice up until this morning. I went with the MCR510 because of its wireless capabilities as this was a huge selling point over a stand alone amp. However I have just discovered that my PS3 can stream wireless with my android phone, iPad and PC. It is actually better than streaming with the MCR510 for music on YouTube for example because the video also streams to my TV.


This kinda defeats the need for the wireless MCR510 as I could of bought the Marantz PM6005 and played wireless through the PS3. The only advantage of the MCR510 over the PM6005 is the 2 No. USB connections. I am now thinking of exchanging the MCR510 for the PM6005.


The main question I would have is how much of a difference in SQ is there between the MCR510 and the PM6005? Would this be a big difference or minute? Most of my music is MP3 format and I mainly listen to YouTube. However, I am getting more into this hobby by the day so I am on a quest for the best quality sound I can achieve.


Thanks in advance
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