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I bought this lovely piece of equipment today for its small size and 2.1 pre-outs and so far am very happy with it. A couple of teething problems though:

1 - When I plug headphones in, it doesn't disable the pre-outs. I'm running through powered speakers and when headphones are plugged in they continue to output audio, albeit at a lower volume and with less bass. At the moment I'm just switching the powered speaker input to a disused connection but I would rather not have to do that every time. Also I seem to be turning up the volume much higher for headphone use compared to speaker usage, I'm wondering if this is because the unit is wasting power on the pre outs at the same time? Does this happen in other receivers?

2 - When I use Airplay the receiver automatically switches to 'NET/USB connection and displays various Airplay information on my screen. The only problem with this being I was using another connection for my PC. Basically every time I use Airplay the playback info steals the screen and I can't find an option to disable this. I'd rather not use another input for the PC because the volume/menu HUD can be quite useful.

3 - General question - when I'm using powered speakers with the pre outs, should I set the powered speakers at 100% volume and use the receiver to control vol, do it the other way, or have both at a medium level so I don't blow either of them up?

Managed to do a network update as soon as I plugged the thing in which was novel, though it didn't seem to fix any of these issues :p

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