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Hi -


I have had my Marantz NR1603 for about two years now and it has performed without problem until recently.


One day, the sound out of the Center Channel decided to come out faint, fuzzy and with a lot of static.


Switching off the center channel in setup of course moved the center channel dialog to be spread across the L+R front speakers (I also have a sub, but no rears).


This was of course only a temporary fix until I could figure out the problem.  I thought perhaps there was a short in my speaker wire, so I bought new wire, and completely re-wired all other components plugged into the unit to clean things up.


I restarted the unit, and the Center Channel was back in working order.  But about 2 hours into normal play, it went flaky again.


Anybody have any idea what this could be attributed to?


Thank you.
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