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Hey everyone! Could really use some quick help here. My wife and I just got married and I've made a compelling case that we need a new receiver. I have 12 year old Energy Take 5 speakers with the take 12 100 watt sub. Our room for viewing is about 13x13 feet. My old Denon receiver was bought in 2001 and does NOT have HDMI. My wife loves the idea of a new receiver and only one cord going to the TV, rather than the four now. I will be connecting an Xbox, Blu-Ray, DVR and Roku.

I'm clueless on the new technology out there. I have a budget of $600. I love Denon. I also love Marantz because my dad had an old tube marantz radio growing up, its sentimental. So I'm deciding right now between the Denon AVR 2313CI and the Marantz NR 1603. I don't know anything about video processing chips etc, so any thoughts would be great.

My biggest concern, really, is the 50 watts from the Marantz. I seem to remember my father always saying Marantz was a very efficient receiver. But is 50 watts enough? I know this Denon, for the same price on Crutchfield, has 105 watts.


Finally, if there is another receiver you'd' recommend out there for $600 I'd love your thoughts. Cheers everyone!
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