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simple really

Onkyo TX-SR577 or Marantz SR5003

For PS3 (fat version) Bluray/games/music

HDMI/toslink PC

for a Jamo S606 package (5.1) with 550W sub instead of the 250w.

I want something future proof, and they are about the same cost, the Onkyo is a little cheaper ($1000 vs $1250 for the marantz)

used evenly for music, movies, and games.

edit: Just listened to both of these through the jamos, and also an Harmon Kardon AVR 260. they all sound the same to my ears. and are all the same price more or less.

why would I pick one over the other?

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The Onkyo receiver has only Audyssey 2EQ

The Marantz receiver has the more advanced Audyssey MultEQ

All Marantz equipment currently has the restriction that they cannot decompress the lossless bitstreamed DD and DTS HD audio formats and apply Audyssey equalization at the same time. This usually is a non-issue since Audyssey works fine with LPCM, which is what the "phat" version of the PS3 provides anyhow.

I couldn't find any comment in the Onkyo manual about this possible issue.
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