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I just ordered a new Marantz PM6005 stereo amp which features digital inputs (among other things). I'm a bit confused about the world of digital connections. I'm intending to use my Squeezebox v. 3 to stream my very large ALAC collection from a MacMini. The Squeezebox already has a well regarded DAC and digital outputs. But what happens when you connect a device like Squeezebox to the digital inputs on the Marantz? Which DAC is it using?

The Marantz PM6005 does not have Wi-Fi streaming capability, but would it be advantageous or even possible to output from the MacMini directly to the Marantz? I think I'd rather just stick to the Squeezebox, but it would be nice to know what my options are.

Thanks all! By the way, I'm going to pair up this amp with Wharfedale speakers (either Diamond 8.1 or 10.0s). Can't wait to hear how they sound.
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