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I'm interested in a pair of Kef Q300 speakers and am considering amp options. This will be my first integrated amp, coming from a Yamaha/Klipsch 5.1 setup.

Some points about my room and listening habits:

-small to medium sized room

-moderate listening levels, but of course I like to turn it up sometimes

-musical tastes include classic rock, funk, jazz, vocalists, and some hip hop

-I will route my video sources to DAC via my plasma's optical output

-mix of CDs and streaming music

My budget is max $1000 for an amp including DAC, but I could stretch to $1200 if I had a good reason!

Looking at:

Onkyo A-9050 (humming issues?) $399

Marantz PM-6005 $699

NAD 356bee DAC (This unit isn't as raved about as other NAD offerings) $899 but no phono stage

Or I could step up to:

Marantz PM8004 and add Peachtree DAC iTx for a $1200 total

Onkyo A-9070 (Build quality looks great but it's large, hot-running, and possibly overkill) $1200

The PM6005 is topping my list due to reviews and features vs. price point. Will I need more power? I'm not too concerned about volume, but rather best SQ at low to moderate levels.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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