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I currently have an Onkyo NR 616 that is qualified for the no-audio problem. Of course, this got me thinking about if I want to keep the same Receiver... move on to a current Onkyo model. Or, move on to a different brand, i.e. Marantz.

My Front Speakers are a pair of Thiel 1.5s. For a center, I am using an NHT Super One, and my Surrounds are Super Zeros. (5.1 Channel system) This is my main entertainment center. Probably 60% TV, 20% Movies and 20% music listening. I have converted most of my music to Apple Lossless from an Apple TV and Mac Mini server in another room. Oh... a Velodyne Sub.

Originally, when I bought the Thiel's, I purchased a tube pre-amp and a Parasound HCA-1000. At that time, I had 2 listening areas... one for music and for video. We have downsized some, so I really only have one listening area. Voila, putting the Thiels into the Home Theater System... but I don't have the money to buy a high end pre-processor and separate amps.

So, when I bought the Onkyo 515... I didn't anticipate putting the Thiels in the mix... but after trying it, I was surprised how nice they sounded. But, I would like to use the Parasound... not sure how much improvement I will get from the better amp. So, I would like to have some pre-outs.... at least for the stereo speakers.

How much difference is there in the pre-amp section of the Marantz 1504 vs the 5009? Any other thoughts would be appreciated for Stereo listening.

Thanks for any comments.
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