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I have a 2002 Marantz 8200 receiver that works perfectly and I like the sound. It has no HDMI, no video scaling, and no lossless codecs and no auto calibration. It is a 6.1 receiver rated at 125 watts. Outlaw audio is currently selling the Marantz 5005 with a decoupled amp section - for use as a pre-amp to be used with one of their power amps.

I just got a new plasma TV and would like to utilize a more current technology for the audio and possibly video scaling if it would render video improvement for Dvd's.

Would mating these two components together thru the pre-out and ins yield a current technology (at a modest cost about $500 for the 5005).

What are the possible pitfalls of doing this as opposed to just purchasing a new current receiver model, or even just using a fully functioning 5005 (with its amp section intact).
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