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Marantz S4 Mounting Help Please!

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I currently have a Marantz S2 and a 110 inch, 53 inch tall Stewart Firehawk screen.

I have my S2 ceiling mounted at the maximum throw distance of 166 inches per the advice from many on this forum.

I want to purchase an S4 and mount the S4 in the same place as my S2.

Should I purchase a short or regular throw S4 since I am distance wise right between the two?

The S4 throw distances on a 100 inch screen per Marantz (my screen is approx. 110 inch):

128 7/8" - 149 9/16" (VP-12S4 Short), 150 5/8" - 219 5/16" (VP-12S4 Regular), 199 5/8" - 270 15/16" (VP-12S4 Long)

Would the regular S4 be easier to re-sell?

Would it result in a better overall picture to mount the S4 in the longest possible throw distance (using the short throw S4) or do I lose the advantages when I buy the short throw instead of the long throw S4 anyway?

Anybody want to buy my Marantz S2...cheap?

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Hey Rick,

I feel the regular throw would be much easier to sell. How is the DD12 treating you?

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