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I have been in the process of upgrading my audio system over the past two years and finally got to replace my older B&W DM603 speakers with the 804S speakers. I have used them over the past few weeks, and am thinking about buying a new CD player. My current player is an Adcom GCD-700 that I've had for almost 10 years (and its still in working condition, never any problems). It is connected via Digital Coax (RCA) to an Outlaw Audio 990 preamp/processor, which uses its internal DAC. This combo has worked well with my older speakers, but the newer ones are revealing a lot more "detail", which is not all good. Because of this, I am thinking about replacing the Adcom CD player with a higher-end unit and use its internal DAC, instead of the DAC in the Outlaw 990.

After doing some research, I came across the Marantz SA-7S1 (which has been out over a year), and the new SA-11S2 (which replaced the SA-11S1). I have not had time yet to go to a dealer and try them out, and won't for about a month, but was wondering if anyone has done a side-by-side listening comparison between these two players, connected to the same gear. At almost double the price, the SA-7S1 is more than I would like to pay, so that is why I'm curious to know how the SA-11S2 stacks-up next to it.

Another option would be for me to keep my Adcom player and buy a better External DAC. I had a California Audio Labs Sigma-2 DAC for about 8 years, but sold it when I got the Outlaw 990 pre/pro (the 990 sounded better at the time). I have been told the Channel Islands Audio VDA-2 DAC (when combined with the VAC-1 power supply) is very good quality and is equal to (or better) than the Benchmark DAC1.

Any help would be appreciated.

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