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Marantz Separates VS Denon Receiver

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I am in the process of building my HT and I have been going crazy about what components to use. As part of that, I had my eyes on the Marantz separates (AV7005 and (2)MM7055), but I have been looking at the Denon 4311CI. Overall, I would like to see what people would recommend or think about the two items. The setup is going to 7.1 to begin with and then to 9.2. It is a 22'x16' room. Speaker wise, I am still deciding but I think I am going towards the EMPs. Overall, this is all from scratch so any recommendations on ANYTHING would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully all of the experts in here will chime in and lead me to the light!
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The 4311CI uses the higher version of Audyssey MultEQ XT32 and is 9.2 (expandable to 11.2) while the AV7005 uses MultEQ XT and is only 7.2 and not expandable beyond that.
i've owned both... av7005 with a bryston 9b-st, and currently a 4311 (a100, actually)...

i have a 5.2 setup...

there's really no comparison here... the 4311 is the much better choice, simply due to the superior dsp... i really liked the av7005, it was glitch free right out of the box, looked good and was easy to use... however, i would not even consider trading the 4311 for an av7005 + amp...

also, as jd notes, if you think you are going past 7.1, you ain't gonna do it with an av7005...

given the price the 4311 is going for right now, it even makes it more lopsided...
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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