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Marantz SR 6008

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My receiver is in a well ventilated area-I was listening to music at volume level 75 today and it shut off. I waited three hours and it will not power back on-the unit is three months old. Any ideas??
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Check all the speaker wire connections on the back of the unit and ensure there are no loose wires from one post touching another post. Are you using a powered sub and if yes, are the FL/FR speakers set to SMALL/80Hz as recommended?

I am not getting any power to the unit at all so I cannot tell this-I am using a pwered sub-everything was working fine and then it just cut out (died) and now I get no power to the unit

Did that no luck so disappointed had this thing sounding so good and I had just purchased some very expensive speakers to go with it..kinda bummed

I had the sub level set at 9 and 100

driving boston acoustics towers and a 650 boston acoustics sub and boston acoustics center channel

cant believe the Marantz just stopped like that
Is the unit connected via a surge protector? If yes, bypass this and connect directly to the outlet. If still no joy, then time for repair.

It has been directly in the wall unit the whole time........I guess no good news here
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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