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Hey folks,


Hoping some of the more knowledgeable members here can help me make a sound buying decision...


My ~5.5 year old TX-SR705 is on the fritz, running hot and being oddly fussy with HDMI (both inputs and output).  I must say it has performed well and I really have no complaints about it.


Looking to replace it with something in the $500-1000 range.



Samsung PN51F8500 Plasma

Mirage NanoSat speakers (may potentially upgrade center / sub / fronts)

Comcast STB, DVR

AppleTV (NetFlix, YouTube

Sony Blu-Ray


I am primarily looking for (1) sound/music quality, and (2) flexibillity & user-friendliness (AirPlay, Pandora, Zone2 digital source options, DLNA GUI and browser, FLAC compatibility).


*** My only major requirement is my usable DEPTH must be 16" MAX. ***


I realize that limits my options quite a bit, but I've boiled it down to these three:


Denon AVR-X3000

Marantz SR5008

Yamaha RX-A830


Comparison: http://www.crutchfield.com/App/Product/CompareTo.aspx?g=10420&cc=01&compareItems=01|033AVX3000&compareItems=01|642SR5008&compareItems=01|022RXA830


1.  Does anyone have any specific advise FOR or AGAINST any of these ?


2.  Any others outside this group I should really consider?


3.  Any thoughts on the Audyssey MultEQ XT vs the Yamaha YPAO RSC ?


4.  Is there really any significance to the Burr-Brown DAC's in the Yamaha vs ??? (unnamed) DAC's used in Denon/Marantz?


5.  I'm having a hard time seeing a real usable advantage of the Denon vs the Marantz.  I don't need multiple HDMI outputs, 5W isn't making a difference, and the Marantz is ~1" smaller in depth...



I really like the Marantz, but plan on looking into each unit's owner's manual to get a better feel for how they are to work with.


Any input is much appreciated!  I feel like I will need to pull the trigger shortly before the Onkyo breathes its last breath...




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1. All the receivers you referenced are good.

2. Emotiva released a receiver recently, but it definitely doesn't have the bells and whistles of the ones on your list and you would have to rely on your Sony for network features.

3. YPAO in the 830 won't EQ the subwoofer like MultEQ XT will. YPAO does allow you to manually tweak the EQ whereas Audyssey in the x3000 does not so if you don't like what Audyssey produces, you're stuck not using it. Other than that, they both do a decent job in any given room.

4. Not in my opinion.

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A few things to keep in mind ... the comparable Denon model to the 5008 is the X2000 which has the same depth of roughly 13" while the X3000 is an upgrade to the 5008 and comparable to the 6008. Also, you'll want at least 2'-3" space behind the AVR for cable connections so if 16" is the total clearance for the AVR + cables, then scratch the X3000. Also if there is a closed back ,as you imply, ensure you have sufficient ventilation holes or consider cutting a large hole which would also allow you to use an AVR with more depth.
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