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Hi all,

Looking for some Marantz gurus to help me out here. I've just added a sub to system (Paradigm Monitor 9s and CC-370 up front) and now I'm not sure what settings to use for the speaker selection on the receiver. The SR5200 manual says for "traditional full-range loudspeakers" I should set the speakers to Large, and for speakers unable to perform under 100 Hz to use Small. The Small setting seems to employ a -12dB/octave crossover using the Small setting (at about 100 Hz), and when set to Large, it seems that both the speaker AND the sub are sent bass frequencies, even below 20 Hz.

Can anyone verify this?

So before the sub, I had the CC-370 set to Small so that really low bass would be re-routed to the 9s, but now I'm thinking that it would sound fuller set to Large, and, if in fact the sub is being sent mid- and low-bass frequencies anyway, I'd be covered anyway.

Many thanks!


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