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I currently own a marantz sr6006 and soundwise i'm absolutely loving it! The thing that really disappointed me though was that i dont find it userfriendly at all. I'm not an expert on audio but i know quite a bit about it and i found it really difficult to get all the settings right. The user manual is added on a cd, but it miss going through a paper manual, its just not the same reading it on pdf. So here goes my problem:

I have my laptop (samsung np470) connected to the marantz sr6006 and that is connected to my acer projector. When i first installed everything it worked fine, for me the main frustration has always been that without the projector i dont know in what playback mode i am in. (obviously stereo isnt hard to figure out, but to get it in all channel stereo is pretty annoying since i have to stand next to my surround speakers and wait till i hear the exact same sound coming out of them). At first when i watched a movie it displayed the playback mode the amp was in, about a month ago it stopped doing that, so i dont know what surround mode i'm in at the moment and i dont know how to get it back. 


Now probably i made a few mistakes in the setup, i connected my laptop to the game input(since i use the same hdmi for my xbox every now and then) and use the first hdmi output for my projector. Does anyone know what the best setup for me would be and how to get the display on the projector back?


Thanks in advance!
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