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I've recently upgraded my TV (42" LG 1080p) and added a BD drive to my HTPC. So I'm getting 1080p/24 and it all looks niiiice. But the audio...

Right now the audio is going to the TV via the 2.5mm jack on the back of the PC. The PC supports up to 7.1 I believe. Audio is off the mainboard (evga 630i) has optical, analog/surround and coax digital outs. Speakers are: a pair of yamaha NS-225Fs and maybe a pair of AR TSW-215s that I'm debating keeping.

My existing receiver is pretty crappy: Harman Kardon AVR 20II, goes for $20 on ebay
and it doesn't have digital inputs (is that called SPDIF?). So I need to upgrade the receiver eventually. I'll probably be really happy with 5.1 audio and I don't consider myself an "enthusiast". I assume my high-range hearing is uhhh not good. Too much clubbing when I was 20. So the high end stuff would probably be a waste of money.

I'm looking at a Marantz SR7000 that's for sale locally, $150. Seems like a good deal to me. I'm partial to the Marantz from when I was a kid. We had a receiver that was really only used to listen to the radio and vinyl; you could spin the tuner dial real hard and it would just sail all the way down the dial. So fun for an 8 yr old boy.

Opinions? Thumbs up or down would be fine
you guys know way more about this stuff than I do.
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