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Marantz SR7010 help

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Can anyone help I'm going crazy with this

I have an SR7010 bought purposely to connect my 4K Bravia tv and a 4K projector to a 4k Blueray palyer and use Netflix 4K so I needed evrything to be HDCP2.2 compliant

I have my projector connected to a 13m compliant HDMI cable so should easily operate the projector

On the SR7010 you can set the output to monitor 1 - 2 or auto/duel

With my first projector a Benq W1700 having the output set to auto duel the projector worked but intermittently cut out and take a moment to reacquire the signal, if I set the output to just the projector output it worked ok.

I just changed the p/j to an Optoma UHD65 and yesterday it worked perfectly even on duel/auto output from the amp.

Today I could not get it to work on any setting, after swapping the input on the p/j from HDMI 2 (the only one 4k compliant)

it worked on my Virgin cable and the 4K player though it couldn't have been 4K, swapped it back to HDMI 2 and it can't find the source again.

When in HDMI 1 it did work the first time but the second it was struggling so I used a USB powered HDMI booster and it was perfect again but even using the booster it will still not find a signal in HDMI 2 for 4K

This is all very strange as yesterday it all worked perfectly and nothing changed, 1 day I can watch 4k blue-ray through my LG player and the next it just won't do it.

I am convinced the issue is with the marantz SR7010 as it seemed to selectively work with the Benq and now its even worse with the Optoma - yet the first day I used it no problems at all

Its driving me crazy can anyone point me at a fix PLEASE
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