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Just got everything set up for HDMI switching for DVD and HD PVR. I don't particularly like having to turn the receiver on every time I want to watch TV, but I thought I could live with it. The setup is fine for watching DVDs as well.

However, there are some issues with playing back SACDs. The HDMI connection in the DV7600 does not support SACD (or DTS 96/24), but what's worse is that even turning HDMI Audio to "off" in the DV7600's setup menu does NOT stop the SR8001 from "recognizing" that an HDMI connection still exists. While turning HDMI Audio "off" should push the signal to the analog output on the DV7600 (and did before I had full HDMI switching enabled), the result is that the DV7600 does not play back SACD or DTS at all - I have to go into the SR8001's setup menu and switch HDMI Audio to "Through" from "Enable". HDMI is not even part of the SACD or DTS 96/24 playback, yet you have to disable it completely at both ends to push the signal to the anaolog output in the DV7600. Why does turning HDMI off on the DV7600 really not turn it off when connected to the SR8001? It worked when it was connected directly to the TV.

Is there a way around this? Also, is there a way to set the TV and DVD players to have different HDMI profiles without having to go into the receiver's setup menu each time? Like if I wanted to watch TV through the TV's speakers, but DVD through the receiver? As in have HDMI for the TV set as "through" (to TV's speakers), but DVD set as "enable" (to receiver)? I have not seen this explained in the user manual, nor have I seen how to activate both HDMI outputs. It seems you can pick only one. I was thinking I could run two sets of HDMI cables, from each source, into and out of the receiver.

As it stands right now, I think I will go back to my previous set-up. HDMI direct to the TV from both PVR and DV7600, and digital coax connections to the receiver. A couple of more cables, but a LOT less hassle. I listen to music far more than I watch TV, and even when watching video, I have not noticed that "all digital" HDMI sounds better than digital coax.
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