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I purchased a marantz 8400 from UBid in May of 05 (go figure...3 year warranty was up last month). I'm finding that my front right channel is not working properly. Its muffled, almost like headphones when you don't have them plugged in all the way.

I have this problem with both source material, as well as the internal calibration tones. I still get sound, but its very very low volume. I've already done a reset with negative results. I've swapped speakers, and get the same result. I only notice this problem on the front right channel - rear right is not a problem.

I called Marantz and they didn't really offer any suggestions to trouble shoot. Of course, considering my warranty is up, I'm wondering what the cost of the repair will be, vs. what it is worth, vs. purchasing something new with HDMI.

Any thoughts/advice?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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