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Marantz VP-12S1 to VP-12S3

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I have a VP12S1 and I'm in the market for a new projector. From what you guys saw at Cedia, should I expect a big leap in PQ from the new Marantz pj?

I remember that on this forum there was a general consensus on the fact that the S2 was indeed better than the S1 but that the differences were subtle, not really worth spending the extra 4-5K (price of S2 - money from selling the S1).

I wonder if this would still be the case going straight from S1 to S3, basically skipping one generation.

Reading the specs, I would go for the S3 tomorrow (well, let's say as soon as it will be available). but I know that twice the CR doesn't mean a 100% increase in PQ - it's more something like a 10-20% probably.

I know all this is subjective and that it's probably to early to tell, without a side by side comparison. But it would be interesting to read some opinions. Maybe Dan Miller from Marantz (probably the only person who could have done a side by side comparison at this early stage of the S3 life) can give his 2 cents on this?
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Believe it or not, the S3 showed up here in Indy, so I couldn't even compare it to the S2. But the results on-screen were so tremendous that I knew right away that it would be noticible.

I still own a S1 and did not think the incremental improvement from the S1 to S2 to be worth the extra $$$$. After seeing the S3 it now is quite noticeable, to me anyway, that the S3 is brighter and definitely has more punch. I also like the newer DC bulb vs the one in the the S1-S2 model that seems to have a reoccurring flicker problem. Also, the auto-calibrate is very cool in the S3 - this would help prevent me me tinkering :)

Bottom line, I am still somewhat on the fence but leaning toward upgrading, I will have to wait to see what the real street pricing will be before I make up my mind.
any info on availability in Europe?
the planned release date in germany is 12/03 or 1/04.(info from ifa show)

maranz told me it is depend on when ti ship the new dmds.

it seams that it nor that easy for ti to produce them because 6 months ago maranz planned to release the s3 in september!
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