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Marantz VP12S3 Service Menu

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Is there a way to enter the Service Menu for my marantz VP12S3 projector?

Best Regards

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What would you like to do in there ? Image sizing and grayscale parameters are out in the open ...

Marantz PJ's don't have a service menu. And like Michael posted, everything you could want is available in the normal menu.

Hi Michael!!!
I need to reset the Hour Meter.

Best Regards

Do someone know the service menu of my car?

I need to reset the miles meter :D

Is blanking adjustments for the image adjustable on the S3 or is this an exclusive S4 option?

There's a menu for resetting the hours. But, you can only reset the bulb-life hours, not the total lifetime hours.
Wow, no offense intended, really, but... folks sure get pissy and unhelpful about this line, I don't get it. Not a single helpful repsonse. Always someone to say you don't need them. Or why would you want them. Why are folks compelled to pipe up and say they won't help or can't, or it's none of your business...

How about where's it's RGB bias controls? I only saw RGB gains on the user menu. Did I miss them? I may have, I haven't had tme to delve into the unit yet...
I don't get it. Not a single helpful repsonse.
What do you mean? We've answered his question. There is no 'secret' menu. It just doesn't sound like he looked deep enough into the normal menus. There are controls for adjusting both fine color control of RGB gain and contrast.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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