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I ordered a Hitachi 61" (i think) rear projector I believe it was a SX model with 6 element lenses.

I ordered it for a friend. I paid $3700 including setup delievery and calibration.

The dealer promised it within a week and several weeks past. He told me they were discontinued and hard to get.

Finally he decided to let us 'borrow' a 55" demo till the new one arrived. The set fell over in the truck and got destroyed.

He then delivered a 61" (I think) Marantz set that was a demo in his store.

He said the Marantz goes for $5K and is not discounted much. He said he would let us have it for the same price as the Hitachi.

I do not know the exact model Maranatz right now because I helped a friend get this set.

My question is, is Marantz better than Hitachi? The picture looks ok I guess but has not been properly set up so it is hard to tell.

I really liked Hitachi's and thought the high end Hitachi (model SX) has 6 element lenses.

I see many great deals on rear projection TV's and while $3700 seems ok, there are a lot of choices out there.

I would love to hear opinions on whether or not to keep the Marantz or either get the Hitachi or shop around.

I am annoyed that the dealer keeps promising to set it up and has not yet shown up.

I am doing due diligence for my friend as I want to verify the dealers claim on how 'great' the Marantz is and 'it is such a great deal, etc'.

Thanks for reading.

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