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So this is the first Home Theater of the Month Powered By Anthem that I have seen to from design to finish. I think a little back story is needed. I met Jason and his wife before I became the Editor of AVS Forum.

We met in the Houston TX community of Spring about 2 months before I took the AVS Forum position. I was visiting a custom installer (Insane AV) and their personal home theater. It was finally finished and consisted of Trinnov (who I was working with at the time), Ascendo Immersive, and HTE. Jason and his wife just happened to be getting a demo the same day I was.
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To say our lives were changed that day is a bit of an understatement. I had never heard a room sound so good (Jon Herron of Trinnov says it’s the equal or better of the HT of the Decade and the Hahn Theater) and became a believer in HTE and Ascendo Immersive on that day. The sound was so good Jason added a 24 inch infrasonic sub to his budget. I swore to get an infrasonic sub that day too.

In fact the sound was so good that Jason ended up having Insane AV design an HTE solution complete with Trinnov and Ascendo Immersive to work with the SVS subs he already had. So the design ended up being a “lite” version of possibly the best sounding HT out there (if you’re to believe my ears and Jon Herron’s). I followed the design and build making the decision it was HT of the Month worthy only after seeing the finished result. This room is truly worthy.
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Kamron of Insane AV told me about the room after I called and asked him if his demo room could be my first HT of the Month as Editor here at AVS Forum. Jason is a member of the Forum and found out about Ascendo, etc. from the Forum (Mark Henninger did a fabulous review of an Ascendo/Trinnov 2.1 channel set up). So Kamron mentioned he was building a room for a Forum Member from basically the ground up with just a pair of SVS PB4000 subs as the starting point. This really interested me so I said “let’s follow the build and if it’s worthy at the end we can make it HT of the Month for like next May” and that is exactly how this started. It just ended up in March.

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Early on Jason set a budget for acoustics. After experiencing HTE he realized he had to increase his budget slightly to get quality acoustics. HTE responded with a design based on their “Sono” panels. This is their “entry” system but it combines much of the science of their more expensive stuff with a simpler solution. The entire walls are not covered just about 75% of them.

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Meanwhile Kamron contacted Geoffrey Heinzel of Ascendo Immersive and said “can your infrasonic sub pair well with the SVS PB4000 and a pair of them?” To which he was told “of course. We can dial those in with the infrasonic. It should sound excellent.”

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Meanwhile Jason kept picking out pieces to the puzzle. Sim2 was chosen to provide the picture and the pieces were falling into place. Seymour Screen Excellence found a way to get into another HT of the Month again with their excellent NEO screen.
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Kamron then started his design working with HTE until they came up with a rendering that Jason approved of. Then it was a waiting game for everything to show up and have time for Kamron to do the install.

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Did I mention this all was going down in Louisiana many miles from Insane AV’s normal work area? So logistics became a part of the equation of creating this theater.
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When I met Kamron he was just an extremely talented hobbyist. In the 2+ years since, he has become one of the best Home Theater installers I’ve ever seen. His love of our hobby is evident in the work he does. There are not many custom installers with his skill or passion and Jason benefited from this.

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Jason is himself passionate about theater. He had his own vision and expectations. In fact many of us have “ideal dream” theaters in our minds. Jason worked with Kamron to make that vision a reality. It even bested his expectations.
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The HTE design was nice. What Kamron did with it adding his own touches (cutting and painting wood that he added to the panels giving them a new impressive look) was remarkable. Kamron of course also built a nice riser in the room and built out the soffits and enclosure for the equipment. He also built out a little area to hold drinks, etc.

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The end result is a room that cost 1/3rd the cost of Kamron’s demo theater. How would it sound in comparison? I was excited to find out. I wasn’t disappointed. Jason’s room is phenomenal. I wasn’t expecting the performance of the room. I felt before hand that it would get about 80% of the demo sound and be great. After?

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I think this room is one of the best in the world. Yeah. It’s that good and at a much more affordable price. It’s easily 95% of the SQ of that demo room. Wow. It really has me thinking that with the right acoustics maybe I can recapture this sound for $75K or so using Ascendo and Trinnov. That would be amazing since the rooms it may compare to sound wise cost $500K to $2M+.
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The 24 inch subwoofer does an amazing job of complimenting the SVS subwoofers. First the SVS were dialed in followed by the Ascendo all before Trinnov ever got to do its bass management. The final result is some of the least distorted bass you’ll ever hear from 10HZ up.

The rest of the system is Ascendo too, and it should be noted that this is a very good sounding room. It’s not too clinical and neither is too warm. Ascendo has a sound that is extremely neutral and pleasant. With the system calibrated by Jon Herron of Trinnov it truly shines.
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Jason’s favorite thing about the room is how it all flows together into one amazing room. It’s fun when it’s so hard for someone to come up with a favorite part of a theater and the answer is the whole thing!

I think it’s a beautiful room. I think it’s a great sounding room. I think the PQ is gorgeous. So far this is my personal favorite HT of the Month. That doesn’t mean the others are lacking at all. I’d quickly own any of the rooms I have awarded HT of the Month. This one is just special, and there is likely bias from me seeing this go up but I hope you all enjoy this amazing room.

Equipment list
Trinnov alt16
Madvr envy extreme
Sim2 nero4s
Isco dlp 1.25 anamorphic
Screen excellence neo 2.37 135wide
Oppo 203
Apple tv 4k
Emotiva xpa-dr3 lcr
Outlaw audio 7220 bed layer channels
Outlaw audio 7000 atmos speakers
Tributaries cables series 6 xlrs
Ascendo 24 infrasonic sub x 1
Svs pb4000 x 2
Ascendo ccrm12p x 3 lcr
Ascendo ccm6p x 6 bed layer surrounds
Ascendo ccmi6p x 6 atmos